Alisa’s Tale: A Short Story


The graphic novel format is a popular and powerful way of communicating. This innovative project brought together an artist, a clinical psychologist, 17 teenagers and a Public Programmes Project Manager.

What we did

The teenagers all contributed their experience and expectations of healthcare, treatment and medical research. The other team members facilitated the process to ensure the best storyline was developed.


The ideas behind the story were developed during drama workshops in the summer of 2007. The workshops allowed the teenagers to discuss issues and improvise situations.

Al Davison, an established graphic artist and graphic novelist, was joined by Amy Silver, a clinical psychologist with a special interest in drama, to help run the theatre workshops. Al and Amy delivered the workshops to engage the young people in thinking about the way the condition has affected their lives.


The Public Programmes Team created a fictional novel to share the perspectives of young people with restricted growth conditions. The book is called ‘Alisa’s Tale: A Short Story’. We hope that it will raise awareness of restricted growth conditions and ultimately influence healthcare services. More broadly, we hope it will help create a better understanding in society towards people who are different, and help to reduce feelings of isolation for people with restricted growth.

‘Alisa’s Tale: A Short Story’ can be viewed as a digital e-book.