A guide to innovation in the NHS

What is innovation and how can it help us to improve services across the Trust? These are a couple of questions that this short animation developed by TRUSTECH aims to answer.

The film is aimed at Junior Doctors; however, all members of staff may find the information useful and inspiring.

TRUSTECH was commissioned by Health Education North West to deliver a piece of online content that encourages Junior Doctors to think about innovation at an early stage of their careers, however the information provided is applicable to anyone who has an idea that could improve the NHS. Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the difference between an idea and an innovation
  • Advice on the support network available to staff
  • The impact a successful implemented idea can have
  • Examples of locally developed ideas.

Innovation is key to improving the NHS and it is something that we should all be thinking about. If you have an idea, TRUSTECH can provide guidance and feedback about how you can take it forward. For more information on the services that TRUSTECH provides, click here.