Clinical research nursing

Clinical research nurses (CRN) are a key part of the clinical trials workforce and play an important role in the running of clinical trials across the Trust.

CRNs are employed and managed through the Research and Innovation division to support the conduct of clinical research across MFT with a particular remit to lead on identified trial/s within identified departments The R&I division retains the authority, via the Lead Nurse, to use the clinical nurse workforce across the Trust to enable swift and easy recruitment into trials and ensure on-going support for the effective delivery of trials as required

Service Principles

  • To develop teams of experienced clinical research nurses able to work across a number of studies (particularly CRN portfolio adopted).
  • To ensure clinical research nurse support to research studies is effectively co-ordinated and managed.
  • To ensure CRN portfolio adopted studies within MFT are recruited to in a timely manner in order to meet the new 70 day target.
  • To provide a high standard of clinical research nursing practice to PI’s/research teams across MFT which is based on GCP guidelines, MFT Policy and NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility (CRF)¬†policy.
  • To provide a supportive framework of line management and professional accountability for CRN’s working within MFT, under the auspice of the R&I division/CRF.
  • To ensure effective team work between the parties.
  • To identify clear lines of accountability between the parties.
  • To ensure effective and efficient use of resources.

Clinical Research Nurse Development Framework

The Clinical Research Nurse Development Framework consists of

  • Induction, essential skills training, competence development.
  • Support for academic progression – graduate/post graduate/doctorates.
  • Leadership and Management programmes.

All CRNs are supported through induction by a research buddy. The 3 month induction period consists of

  • Attendance at GCP training.
  • Completion of the Research Induction Portfolio.
  • Attendance at the 2 days essential skills training.
  • Competence assessment linked to 3 month appraisal.

MHRA inspections include a requirement to provide evidence of study related training – to support this process a study specific competency framework has also been developed.