Animation: An introduction to research here at MFT

Are you a junior doctor interested in a research career?

Do you question why certain treatments and procedures are used day in and day out?  Do you have theories and ideas of how you could improve processes and treatment in your ward or department for the benefit of both patients and staff? If so, clinical research could be for you.

The Research and Innovation Division, supported by a Postgraduate Medical Education forerunner grant, has developed an animation which explores the world of research at MFT and how staff can get involved. Although predominately aimed at junior doctors, the animation will be of interest to any medical or allied health professionals who are interested in getting involved in clinical research. The animation guides viewers through the support and opportunities available to conduct research across our hospitals and how research plays a vital role in ensuring we provide patients with the best possible care.

So you’ve watched the animation, what are the next steps?

Visit the Our Research section of our website, to find out more about the teams leading on research in your clinical area.

  • Sign up to our Research News e-bulletin, to keep up to date with the cutting edge research underway MFT.
  • Encourage patients to consider research as an option. We have signposting postcards which provide patients with the various ways they can find out more. Download signposting postcard [link to download] to use in your clinical area. [have updated signposting postcard and attached to email]
  • Speak with the Divisional Research Manager in your clinical area, whose role it is to coordinate and support research activity.
  • Get in contact with The Faculty of Medical and Human Sciences Fellowship Academy at The University of Manchester, which provides guidance and support to researchers from undergraduates to senior investigators.