About us

Our Trust’s vision:

Our vision is to be recognised internationally as leading healthcare; excelling in quality, safety, patient experience, research, innovation and teaching; dedicated to improving health and well-being for our diverse population.

Who we are

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust* (MFT) is a leading provider of tertiary and specialist healthcare services treating over one million patients each year. Our Trust brings together the expertise of 20,000 staff spread across ten hospitals and community services.

What we do

Research and Innovation is dedicated to driving continuous improvement in the care our patients receive through clinical research. We support some 300 principal investigators, who undertake research across a diverse range of clinical areas to deliver improved diagnostics, treatments and devices for patients in Manchester and beyond.

Through our pioneering research and innovation we are improving lives by giving patients the opportunity to shape and take part in clinical studies and evaluations

How we do it

We provide our staff with a robust research and innovation infrastructure to encourage and facilitate the efficient delivery of high-quality research programmes. We also provide a range of services to enable others to tap into our knowledge and facilities, always with patient benefit front of mind. At MFT, principal investigators work as part of a cross-functional team (patient and public representatives, divisional research managers, research nurses/midwives/coordinators, research office administrators, quality manager, innovation management service, etc.) dedicated to driving research and innovation. Our main research partner is The University of Manchester, but we also work with a host of other public and private medical research organisations. The National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR) facilitates the delivery of high quality clinical research within the NHS through the provision of people, facilities and systems. At MFT our research is supported by the NIHR Clinical Research Network: Greater Manchester (which we host), and the NIHR support of our clinical research facility and biomedical research centre is indicative of the international quality of our research.