Why is research important?

We’re committed to ensuring that patients get high quality care now, but recognise that it’s equally important for us to conduct and apply research to build better ways of working into our services for the future. Clinical research helps us to better understand why some people develop a disease and others do not. Clinical studies also enable us to test the effectiveness and safety of new medicines and devices. #whywedoresearch

Where is research carried out?

At MFT, Research and Innovation manages all research across our ten hospitals and is governed by the Trust’s Executive Board. A lot of our research studies take place in the clinics and wards where you receive your care. We have a dedicated on-site clinical research facility for research in adults and children’s which provides researchers with a dedicated space to carry out studies that is on the MFT campus.

How is research funded?

Our research is funded via a number of different organisations, often as part of bigger multi-centre funded studies. Funding organisations include:

  • the NHS, through the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  • the Medical Research Council (MRC)
  • the Department of Health and other government departments
  • medical research and hospital charities
  • pharmaceutical and other healthcare companies

However the research is funded, the people who take part in it are protected in the same way. Read more about how trials are regulated.