COVID-19 Research

MFT is at the cutting-edge of research and innovation. We are now utilising this expertise to address the urgent priorities for research as part of a global, coordinated effort to enhance understanding and develop treatment for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Dr Tim Felton, Honorary Consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital and Senior Lecturer in the Division of Infection, Immunity and Respiratory Medicine at The University of Manchester, is our Clinical Lead for all MFT COVID-19 related research studies. These studies are being supported and coordinated by a newly assembled COVID-19 Research Team.

Our research is focussed on four key areas:

Dr Tim Felton explains the focus of MFT’s COVID-19 research


There are currently no anti-viral medicines or vaccinations approved for the treatment or prevention of human coronaviruses. Existing therapies are being tested as potential treatments.


Looking at all the data we record within the hospital to establish how we can move patients around our hospitals more effectively, make best use of resources and detect patients earlier when they are potentially deteriorating.


Looking at better ways of diagnosing infection and whether we can bring those diagnostic tests closer to patients.


Looking at patients with coronavirus and studying their symptoms and outcomes, with the hope that more can be understood about the virus, including how quickly the virus is spreading.

In order to support all COVID-19 research studies and ensure public and patient safety, we have altered the way we are conducting research at MFT.