Our Senior LeadershipTeam

The Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) Research and Innovation Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the strategic development of research and innovation at our Trust. This supports our MFT vision to build an organisation that excels in quality, safety, patient experience, research, innovation and teaching.

Director of Research of Research and Innovation

Professor Rick Body

Rick Body, Professor of Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Rick Body, Professor of Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary

Professor Body is responsible for the performance of the Research and Innovation (R&I) and setting the Trust’s strategy research direction, ensuring that the Trust achieves its ambition to become a world-leading integrated health, teaching, research and innovation campus. He serves as advocate for R&I across the Trust, including supporting the best possible care and opportunities for patients and staff.

Managing Director for Research and Innovation

Dr Iain McLean

A photo of Dr Iain McLean

Dr McLean is responsible for the delivery of high quality and safe research services within the Trust through the operational management of R&I. He oversees the performance of teams such as the Research Office, Clinical Research Delivery, Non-Clinical Research Delivery, Innovation, R&I Communications , R&I Finance and Medical Illustration.

Associate Director of Research and Innovation (Governance)

Professor Bernadette Brennan

A photo of Professor Bernadette Brennan

Dr Brennan is responsible for providing guidance to the Trust on all aspects of research governance.