Hospital Research and Innovation Managers

The Research and Innovation Division has a number of Hospital Research and Innovation Managers who coordinate and support research activity and represent and report to both the Division and your Clinical Division.

Hospital Research and Innovation Managers provide advice and support in:

  • Planning your research – the approval process (Ethics, Regulatory, R&D, peer review), costing, collaboration, funding schemes, research resources/networks available to you.
  • Seeking Trust authorisation for you and submission of grant applications
  • Research finance e.g. the way the DoH pays for research in the NHS
  • How research performance is assessed and how you can improve your own research performance
  • Recruitment and management of research staff.

They are responsible for:

  • Risk assessing research
  • Managing operational issues relating to research
  • Ongoing advice on study progress and reporting e.g. REC reports,
  • amendments, outcome reports, recruitment figures.
  • Financial management as required
  • Research Performance reporting
  • Managing research staff as required