From admission to rehabilitation

Healthcare professionals are always looking for ways that they can improve the lives and health of their patients, including research studies. Below are details of a study currently looking for volunteers.  Please use the contact details at the end of the page for more information.

Study title:

From admission to rehabilitation: Exploring the experience of major trauma injury patients in a major trauma centre


Major Trauma Centres (MTCs) are accident and emergency departments able to provide specialised care for people suffering life threatening injuries. MTC patients need to receive the ‘right care at the right place at the right time’.

To ensure specialist care is implemented in the crucial time period following injury, Manchester has instigated a major trauma collaboration. Manchester has three major trauma centres, each on separate sites, specialising in:

  • Neurological trauma
  • Spinal trauma
  • Other major trauma injuries.

We know that this specialist approach manages the acute and often lifesaving needs of the patients, however we are not aware of how the patients perceive their experiences.

What is the aim of the study?

The study aims to explore the experience of major trauma patients in a major trauma centre from their admission through to their rehabilitation.

The study participants will be recruited from a population of people admitted to the Manchester Royal Infirmary MTC (other major trauma injuries) and who were assigned an Injury Severity Score of 15 and above

How can I get involved?

Please contact Timothy Twelvetree / +44(0) 161 306 7879   for more information.