MRI is the leading global recruiter to a commercial renal study

The renal clinical trials team at Manchester Royal Infirmary (MRI) successfully recruited 61 patients to the SHIRE-sponsored AMR Quality of Life study.

The observational study has been designed to assess the quality of life of kidney transplant patients with acute anti-body mediated rejection (AMR).

MRI, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, was initiated for recruitment in May 2017 and was the sole UK site involved with the trial, sponsored by Shire and managed by Clinical Research Organisation, Syreon.

Sites in Canada, Germany and the United States recruited 51, 50 and 51 respectively. 

In total, more than 200 participants were enrolled globally which ensured the overall study target was met.

Sponsor and CRO are now analysing the data captured across the four countries.

Professor Titus Augustine, Principal Investigator at MRI, part of Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, said: “The team here at MRI recruited fantastically well to the study and played a hugely important role in ensuring the global target was met; a contribution which was greatly appreciated by the lead study team.

The team would like to thank all of the Greater Manchester patients who consented to participate in this important study. We now look forwards to hearing the outcome of this project and hope the findings will make a real difference to patients all around the world who have undergone a kidney transplant and experienced AMR.

The study is on the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN) Portfolio, managed locally by CRN Greater Manchester.

Dace Dimza-Jones, Industry Facilitator with NIHR CRN Greater Manchester, said: “A tremendous amount of hard work and a collaborative way of working between all parties ensured the renal team at Manchester Royal Infirmary were the best global recruiters for the study.

I am sure this will serve as an inspiration to all the research teams working across the trust and Greater Manchester as our network continues to deliver world-leading clinical research to patients.