Are you interested in helping to shape our research and improve health outcomes for others?

We’re currently looking for public and patient volunteers to take part in a research user group that will support our researchers across a diverse range of clinical areas. Being part of a research user group can involve:

1. Study design (what patients will be expected to do)

2. Making sure that information is easy for participants to understand

3. Supporting researchers’ funding applications

We are dedicated to driving continuous improvement in the care our patients receive through clinical research. Involving patients in study design and implementation can improve participant experience and have a positive effect on study recruitment1.

Patients and the public already help to shape research studies across our Trust through a number of disease-area or facility specific research user groups.

Susan – a patient with rheumatoid arthritis – is involved in the design of research studies at our hospitals through her involvement in a patient research user group. Her involvement enables her to learn more about her condition, whilst
helping others.

Learn more about Susan’s story.

Get in touch to learn more and register your interest.

1. Ennis, L. et al. Impact of patient involvement in mental health research: longitudinal study. British Journal of Psychiatry (Sept 2013) doi: 10.1192/bjp.bp.112.119818.