BRU researcher presents findings at Arthritis Research UK PhD Conference

Amy Webster, a PhD student at The University of Manchester, presented her findings to a packed audience at the Oliver Bird-Arthritis Research UK PhD Conference at Kings College London in September.

Amy presented her findings in a talk titled ‘The epigenetics of response to anti-TND therapies in rheumatoid arthritis’. Her work involved performing a genome-wide study of DNA methylation in responders and non-responders to the anti-TNf biologics treatment etanercept and adalimumab. Methylation is a modification of the DNA which can change which genes are switched on and off, without altering the DNA sequence. Studying DNA methylation in patients has enabled Amy to identify biomarkers of response to these anti-TNF therapies, which could be used clinically to help identify the best treatment for an individual.


Amy presented to the conference her findings of a gene which she has identification that is differentially methylated in entanercept responders versus non-responders (LRPAP1), and a gene that is interesting in anti-TNF treatment response (CRYZ/TYW3).

Amy’s presentation was met with positive comments by senior academics attending the conference about the high-quality.