Data-Driven Healthcare Funding Call

The Research and Innovation Division (R&I) at Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) announces a new funding stream to pump-prime innovative projects which use MFT data to improve patient care in the Trust.


The R&I Division held a Data-Driven Diagnostics and Treatment Workshop in the summer. The workshop was very well attended and feedback has been excellent from all areas of the MFT Group. There are three emerging themes:

  • Patients: utilising distinctive datasets from patient cohorts across MFT
  • Data: utilising data in diagnostic platforms across laboratory medicine and imaging to improve outcomes and advance ‘Integrative Diagnostics’.
  • Methods: utilising advances in artificial intelligence and machine learning to open up new opportunities with linkages with The University of Manchester’s (UoM) strength in Health Informatics and Data Science

This funding call seeks to blend these three themes to unlock new research opportunities, external funding and career development, and improve patient care.

We are also inviting applications that utilise data to drive operational efficiency and the hope is to pump-prime new ideas to expand upon projects.

Funding is available to pump prime 4-6 projects in the range £20,000 – £50,000 with optimal use of available staff across MFT and UoM.

Applications are open NOW and close at noon 31st January 2019

Application forms can be accessed here

For informal enquiries please contact Stephanie Yau, Project Manager for R&I Division.