Future Medicine for Managers

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Future Medicine for Managers is a new events series to highlight the exciting advances being made in medical research.

Who should attend?

The events are aimed at middle to senior managers of both provider and commissioning organisations.

The next event on Wednesday 11th May at Citylabs will see presentations by:

Tony Whetton, Manchester Precision Medicine Institute

This year sees the opening of the £25 million Stoller Biomarker Discovery Centre and the Medical Research Council Pathology Node on the Central Manchester Trust site. The mission of these partnering institutions is to enable discovery and rapid deployment of new diagnostic tools for precision medicine. The approaches taken to achieve this will be presented.

Tony Hegarty, Institute for Cardiovascular Sciences, University of Manchester

Hypertension is a problem seen in around one third of the adult population of the United Kingdom. Whilst there are a number of drugs available, an individual’s response to a particular antihypertensive medication is unpredictable.  The AIM HY consortium is working towards seeking a genetic basis for personalising the treatment for hypertension and the presentation will outline progress that has been made in this area.

Event details

Conference Room 1, Citylabs, Nelson Street, M13 9NQ


11 May 2016


Free to attend

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