Help us better understand research awareness levels – fill out a short national survey

The UK Clinical Research Facility Network , which brings together Clinical Research Facilities (CRFs) from across the UK,  is undertaking a national survey to explore the research awareness levels of all staff , research and non-research, to inform how best to engage with staff, patients and visitors about research in the future.

CRFs are dedicated purpose-built clinical facilities that enable early translational commercial and non-commercial research studies to be carried out. The UKCRF Network develops and supports operational collaboration across UK CRFs for early translational (experimental medicine) research, including supporting commercial research and attracting industry engagement.

The survey is being managed by the Public Programmes Team, who lead the Patient and Public Involvement work for the NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility

If you have any questions, please contact Suzanne Parsons, Patient and Public Involvement Manager, Public Programmes Team