Manchester leads the way among most cited European rheumatology researchers

Five research theme leads from the NIHR Manchester Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit have been included in a list of the top 30 most cited rheumatology authors in the Europe.

The list, published as part of a rheumatology publication analysis by Lab Times, includes prominent rheumatology researchers from institutes across Europe, including Leiden and Oxford University. However, Manchester boasts the highest number of entries for a university, with the following researchers included:

Name Citations Articles
Professor Deborah Symmons 13,274 121
Professor Jane Worthington 12,104 112
Professor Anne Barton 10,536 101
Professor Wendy Thomson 8,895 89
Professor Ian Bruce 8,644 86

This list cements Manchester’s position as an international leader in musculoskeletal research, with a strong focus on epidemiology, genetics and genomics, to develop a ‘treat smarter’ approach to musculoskeletal disorders.

BRU Theme Leads

BRU Theme Leads

Director of the NIHR Manchester Musculoskeletal Biomedical Research Unit, Professor Ian Bruce said:

This is a great achievement to see so many researchers within the BRU included on this list. This is not only a testament to the hard work of those listed, but the impact of the discoveries and findings that are coming out of Manchester, including the BRU, for our work to be so highly cited.

“Indeed, this is very good news looking forwards to the launch of our NIHR Manchester Biomedical Research Centre funding, where Professor Anne Barton will be leading the musculoskeletal research theme.”

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