Manchester Royal Eye Hospital recruit first UK patient to new glaucoma drainage device study

The research led by Mr Leon Au, aims to evaluate a new medical device called eyeWatch. An adjustable glaucoma drainage product, eyeWatch is used to better control eye pressure after glaucoma surgery by adjusting the flow of liquid going through the device. The study has a number of aims:

  • To confirm that eye pressure is maintained in the target range
  • To reduce the number of anti-glaucoma drugs prescribed
  • Reduce the number and type of postoperative complications that may occur.

This is another great achievement for the Department of Eye Research and follows on from two other successful first recruitments to studies in the past two months. 

Claire Cole, Divisional Research Manager, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, said:

This is MREH’s third first recruit success in the last few months, which is a great achievement for the research department. As a hospital it shows that we are proficient and willing to initiate and open studies efficiently, due to our hard working team of research staff.

This is a commercial study is sponsored by Rheon Medical SA.