Manchester’s leukaemia achievements celebrated in top research report

Research conducted by The University of Manchester, Central Manchester NHS Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and The Christie NHS Foundation Trust has been featured in the Medical Schools Council’s Health of the Nation: The impact of UK medical schools’ research report, which highlights the very best medical research happening across the UK and its impact.

The publication put the spotlight on Manchester’s work on improving outcomes for children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) internationally, with almost nine out of 10 new patients diagnosed with paediatric ALL in the UK now expected to make a full recovery – one of the best survival rates in the world – following research conducted within the city.

However, Manchester’s research has also had a significant impact across the world, with the outcome for children with relapsed ALL up 10% in the UK, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand, and relapse protocol based on the research underpinning European and North American strategies for the management of the disease.

The report specifically mentions work conducted by The University of Manchester Emeritus Professor Tim Eden between 1993 and 2003, which led to different medications being used for the disease. It also details the work of Professor Vaskar Saha’s on treating relapsed patients, including the first international trial on relapsed ALL.

Read the Health of the Nation report here.

Find out more about Manchester’s research into ALL in the video below, created by Haelo for MAHSC: