MFT the only North West Trust to be ranked “Top 10” in key research areas

Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) has been ranked nationally as the only North West Trust in the top 10 of all categories by the NIHR Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN). 

The league tables have revealed that more people than ever are taking part in healthcare research in Greater Manchester, with an increase of 20,000 across the area. In total 83,478 participants were recruited across 1,105 studies being carried out around the region. This accounts for 9.5% of all recruitment to studies in England last year, despite the fact the Greater Manchester region accounts for around only 5% of the population.

This is the first year of complete data for MFT following its creation in October 2017, and sees the Trust performing at the very highest level for research:

National ranking

  • 4th for the number of studies supported (476)
  • 5th for the number of research participants (20,405)
  • 7th for commercial research activity (100)

Our aim is for MFT  to be at the forefront of  research and innovation in the UK

Professor Neil Hanley, Director of Research and Innovation at the Trust, said: “Our aim is for MFT to be at the forefront of research and innovation in the UK, and internationally. These tables benchmark us against the very best academic hospitals in the country and demonstrate how well we have performed across our first full year. Excitingly it also provides room for us to grow and improve in future years, which I am confident we will do.”

This is a reflection of the 2018/19 NIHR CRN portfolio of studies data (data cut 26 April 2019), and t provides a report on research activity supported and delivered by the NIHR CRN including data from a variety of league tables.