People’s choice award for the Cardiovascular Trials Unit for rare genetic disease research

Senior Trial Coordinator Sasi Neelamekam, part of the cardiovascular trials unit (CVTU), was awarded People’s Choice at the Heart UK 31st Annual Conference 2017, for her presentation of an industry sponsored study on the quality of life and burden of living with a rare genetic condition known as lipoprotein lipase deficiency (LPLD) disorder.

LPLD is usually diagnosed in childhood and affects about one in a million of the population in the UK. People living with this condition lack an enzyme which breaks down fats that enter the bloodstream. It is imperative they maintain a healthy diet and closely monitor fat intake to avoid stomach pain and inflammation of the liver or spleen which could result in acute pancreatitis

This is the second award won by Sasi this year and the 9th winning prize in a national conference by CVTU and lipid research teamover the last 6 years.