Prioritising outcomes in childhood hearing loss

Manchester Biomedical Research Centre’s PONCHO (Prioritising Outcomes iN Childhood Hearing lOss) study is recruiting the following participants to help shape future research:

  • children and young people who have permanent hearing loss which is mild, moderate or severe and who do not have a cochlear implant
  • parents/carers of children with hearing loss

Currently research into hearing loss collects a lot of different information about treatment outcomes and quality of life. However, it is difficult to know if the information collected really matters to children and their families.

The PONCHO study will use interviews and/or focus groups to ask participants about their experience of day-to-day living with hearing loss and help to identify topics that are important for children and young people with hearing loss, their parents, and professionals who take care of them. The aim of the research is to develop a list of meaningful outcomes (Core Outcome Set) that will enable doctors and patients to compare results from different studies and help with choosing the best treatment.

Contact: Ola Metryka, telephone: 0161 701 3543) or read the leaflet to find out more.