Saint Mary’s research team highest recruiters to national obstetrics study

A research team including midwives and obstetricians from Saint Mary’s have recruited the 100th participant to a multi-centre obstetrics study, as well as being named the highest recruiting study centre.

The GOT-IT study: an assessment of Glycerol Trinitrate (GTN) oral spray for retained placenta, looks to evaluate whether GTN can be used to treat patients with a retained placenta.

After giving birth, some women take longer than usual to deliver their placenta and may require an operation to help the placenta to deliver, which involves anaesthetic. This can be a traumatic event for a woman who after a normal delivery has to be separated from her family and baby, at such an important time, with all the attendant risk surgery carries.

It is hoped the GOT-IT study will reduce the number of women needing an operation and promote a better experience for mothers, allowing them to spend time with their baby and reduce their stay in hospital.

Principal Investigator for the study Dr Clare Tower, Consultant in Obstetrics and Maternal and Fetal Medicine and Clinical Director for Obstetrics at Saint Mary’s, explained: “I’d like to congratulate the whole team for their hard work in recruiting patients into this study. By delivering research studies we are able to not only give our patients access to new treatment and medication options, but also have the opportunity to improve healthcare in the wider NHS.”

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