Staff Spotlight: Claire Warren

The staff spotlight is a monthly feature where we get to know a colleague from Manchester Clinical Research Facility in a little more detail.

This includes an overview of their role and a bit about their interests and hobbies.
This month we meet Claire Warren. Claire works at the Manchester Clinical Research Facility (MCRF) as Research Practitioner.

Read more about her role and responsibilities at MCRF.

1. What is a typical week for you (or your responsibilities) at the MCRF

My Role as Research Practitioner at the MCRF is a new role, so I wouldn’t say I have a typical week or set responsibilities as yet. I spend most of my week working closely with the research nurses, getting involved with different studies, helping to prepare for studies and I’m always looking at ways to develop my role within the research facility.


2. What would you have been if you weren’t in your current job, and why?

A zoologist – I love animals and would love to travel the world seeing different animalsand studying them.

3. What has been your best moment so far working at CMFT/MCRF?

Being appointed as a study associate in one of the new studies, for me it’s quite a big responsibility as it’s the first study I’ll be properly involved in.

4. Do you have a favourite band?

Not a favourite band as such but I love Michael buble!!!!

5. Who is your role model and why?

I’ve had many role models and have been lucky enough to meet some amazing, inspiring people in my career, people that make you realise how important and precious life is and to be grateful for what you’ve got.

6. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and why?

My Granddad – Unfortunately he died very suddenly so given the chance I would love to see him again.