Genetics Of susceptibility and Mortality In Critical Care (GenOMICC)

Trial type: Observational

Site and lead:

  • Manchester Royal Infirmary: Dr Craig Brandwood
  • Wythenshawe Hospital: Dr Peter Alexander

Patient group: all COVID-19 patients

Funder: Wellcome Trust

Sponsor: NHS Lothian

More about GenOMICC

  • GenOMICC is a nationally-prioritised COVID-19 study. See the full list Urgent Public Health COVID-19 Studies on the NIHR website.

The purpose of this study is to identify the specific genes that cause some people to be susceptible to certain infections and consequences of severe injury. 

The GenOMICC collaboration has been recruiting patients with emerging infections since 2016., and this has now been expanded to include COVID-19 hospital patients.

The study is the largest of its kind in the world and aims to sample and sequence 100,000 DNA samples from patients with critical illnesses. This is done through participants consenting for blood samples to be taken, from which their DNA is extracted and analysed by researchers.