We recommend that researchers wishing to use samples from the Biobank first make an informal expression of interest to the Biobank Manager, to check whether the types of samples required are already in the bank and, if not, how long it would take for the bank to collect these samples.

To submit a formal application, each researcher will need to write a full scientific proposal using the Biobank application for samples and data. Once the proforma has been completed and signed, it should be emailed or posted to the Biobank Manager.

Our services

Contact Biobank Manager, Dr (+44 (0)161 701 1890) to discuss your requirements.

Biobank patient information sheet

Information for people who are considering donating tissue, urine and/or blood samples to help biomedical research.

Biobank application form

Researchers can use this form to request access to samples and data.

Use of human tissue in research

Guidance on the use of human biological samples for research purposes.