Clinical photography

Clinical, research and documentary photography

We provide objective clinical photography, which can be used in the monitoring of clinical conditions as an addition to the patient care pathway, documenting medical and surgical procedures, medical devices and specimens.  Our work can also be used to support research studies, publication in scientific journals and teaching.  Standardised representational photography practice means we can exactly reproduce images over time to document any change.

Medico-legal photography

We provide a comprehensive medico-legal photography service for legal practitioners, the police service and other organisations.  Our photographers are trained to recognise and capture medical conditions, injuries and scarring and can be confidently relied upon to document even very subtle clinical appearances using advanced lighting techniques in a standardised manner.

Bereavement photography

Bereavement photographs are recognised as an important part of the grieving process for families.  Following a stillbirth some parents may wish to have a photograph of them holding their child.

The photographs created are produced the highest quality and archival quality to provide a lasting and tangible memory of their child.

3D imaging

We utilise the latest 3D imagining techniques to assist Maxillo-Facial surgeons and Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialisms. 3D images are used for diagnostic purposes and we have experience of working with healthcare professionals to develop protocols to support the imaging of patients with facial palsy, cleft palate, facial lipodystrophy, and rare genetic diseases, in clinical and research settings.