Below is a list of our most recent publications. Click on the boxes to find an overview and link for each publication

McDonagh, J.E., Lunt, L., Cresswell, K., Parsons, S. and Tattersall, R., 2019. Research priority setting by young people with rheumatic musculoskeletal disease

Published in Archives of disease in childhood104(2), pp.204-204.Download paper

Parsons, S., Thomson, W., Cresswell, K., Starling, B. and McDonagh, J.E., 2018. What do young people with rheumatic conditions in the UK think about research involvement? A qualitative study

Published in Pediatric Rheumatology16(1), p.35.Download paper

Miah, J., Dawes, P., Leroi, I., Parsons, S. and Starling, B., 2018. A protocol to evaluate the impact of involvement of older people with dementia and age-related hearing and/or vision impairment in a multi-site European research study

Published in Involvement and engagement4(1), p.44. Download paper

Smith, F.M., Cresswell, K., Myint, A.S. and Renehan, A.G., 2018. Is “watch-and-wait” after chemoradiotherapy safe in patients with rectal cancer?

Published in Bmj363, p.k4472.2] Download paper

Starling, B. and Tanswell, J., 2018. Diversifying audiences and producers of public involvement in scientific research: the AudioLab

Published in Research involvement and engagement4(1), p.39.”] Download paper

Hague, C., Foran, B., Hall, E., Guild, S., Joseph, O., Moule, R., Nutting, C., Parsons, S., Prestwich, R., Slevin, N. and West, C., 2018. Patient involvement in the design of a phase III trial comparing intensity-modulated proton therapy and intensity-modulated radiotherapy for oropharyngeal cancer

Published in Clinical Oncology30(5), pp.274-276. Download paper

Bayliss K et al. 2016 Patient involvement in a qualitative metasynthesis: Lessons learnt

Published in Research Involvement and Engagement 2016, 2:18 This paper describes the process of involving patients in a qualitative metasynthesis (systematic review of qualitative studies). Patients are listed as authors Download paper

Bayliss K et al. 2016 Perceptions of predictive testing for those at risk of developing a chronic inflammatory disease: a meta-synthesis of qualitative studies

Published in the Journal of Risk Research 2016 DOI:10.1080/13669877.2015.1119183 This paper describes the findings of the qualitative metasynthesis within which patients were involved in coding the extracted data. Download paper

Parsons S et al. 2016 Study protocol: Determining what young people with rheumatic disease consider important to research (the Young People’s Opinions Underpinning Rheumatology Research) – YOURR project

Published in Research Involvement and Engagement 2016 , 2:22 This is a protocol for an Arthritis Research UK funded priority setting exercise with young people with rheumatic conditions undertaken across the UK.It is one of the first times young people’s views on priorities in this area have been explored. Professor Wendy Thomson and Dr Janet McDonagh from the NIHR Manchester Musculoskeletal BRU are PIs for the study. Download the paper

Parsons S, Starling B et al What do pharmaceutical industry professionals in Europe believe about involving patients and the public in research and development of medicines: A qualitative interview study

Published in BMJ Open 6 .DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-008928. EU funded research, exploring the views of a challenging to reach population about a new area for this industry. One of the first non industry funded studies exploring pharmaceutical industry professionals beliefs about patient and public involvement in medicines R&D. Altmetric score of 88 Download the paper

Parsons S, Starling B et al. What the public knows and wants to know about medicines research and development: a survey of the general public in six European countries

Published in BMJ Open 5(4). DOI: 10.1136/bmjopen-2014-006420 A survey of the public in six European countries exploring participation in medical research, current knowledge of medicines R&D and interest in knowing more. Altmetric score of 142 Download the paper

Other guidance documents generated from projects

Guidance on involving young people in healthcare research generated as part of the Young People’s Opinions Underlying Rheumatology Research Project

A guidance document created from existing resources to ensure safe, ethical and meaningful involvement of young people in rheumatology research. Download guidance