Project design and delivery

Our portfolio of public engagement and involvement programmes has attracted national and international funding, and been recognised through a number of awards.

MAHSC Conf -214 We produce creative and innovative engagement projects to time and target. Our programmes to date have included:

  • Working with schools, including students and teachers to support the biomedical science curriculum
  • Partnerships with creative industries to stimulate informal science learning Supporting research programmes and projects  to engage and involve public audiences, through practical advice and planning
  • Collaborating with specific patient audiences to deliver engagement and involvement activities
  • Targeting specific audiences who might not normally engage with biomedical and health-related research
  • Delivering large-scale public engagement projects across Greater Manchester to build relationships with communities and raise awareness of health research and opportunities for involvement, including Breathtaking Lungs, a Respiratory public engagement project and Radiotherapy & Me, an Advanced Radiotherapy public engagement project.

Case studies of our work can be found at the bottom of this page.