DiTA pump prime funding call

Pump priming funding call #2

DiTA invites applications for pump priming awards for activities which fit with the DiTA remit and which will foster further substantive programmes and funding. It is expected that the awards will lead to successful external funding applications to, e.g. NIHR, Innovate UK or MRC.

Who can apply?

  • Applications must involve an MFT employee and an industry collaborator
  • The lead applicant(s) should be an MFT employee(s)
  • Collaborators are encouraged and can be employees of other Greater Manchester Trusts or any Greater Manchester Higher Educational Institute i.e. University of Manchester
  • If you need help in identifying an industry or clinical partner, the DiTA team can look at their network and link you with the most appropriate collaborators for your project. If you require this service please contact the DiTA team on the following email dita@mft.nhs.uk as early as possible.

What are the timeframes?

  • Closing date for applications: Wednesday 30 October at 5pm
  • Funding awarded and applicants notified: end November 2019 (indicative)
  • The work funded by the grant should be completed and all monies spent by 31 November 2020 (any monies unspent will be reclaimed)

What funding is available?

Through pump priming funding, we aim to support the generation of feasibility or preliminary data which will overcome the initial development hurdle which faces many small companies and leverage grant funding for further product/ project development. Patient benefit remains at the core of DiTA objectives (and any allocated pump priming funding)

  • Funding is likely to be available for up to 5-6 projects.
  • Funding should be requested at the appropriate level for the project. While we anticipate this being max £10,000 in most cases, we may fund projects up £20,000 in exceptional circumstances, although cost efficiency and value for money will be closely scrutinised as part of the assessment process.

Costs that we cannot fund:

  • Conferences fees
  • Travel Expenses
  • Publication fees
  • Overheads

How do I apply?

  • Applicants will need to be registered with the Research Office via the Hospital Research and Innovation Manager. You will be provided with a G number which you should add to the box in this application form
  • If you are requesting costs for a Higher Education Institute, please note that only direct costs are eligible and overheads/ full economic costs should not be applied. UoM co-applicants need to get Head of School permission accordingly, as fEC is not payable.
  • Applications should be made on the form on Pages 4-5 and be submitted to dita@mft.nhs.uk
  • The detail provided on the application form should not extend to more than 4 pages.

For costings;

  • For all costings and support with the applications please contact the Hospital Research and Innovation Manager for your area. If you are unsure of who the Hospital Research and Innovation Manager is for your area please contact the research office in the first instance R&D.Applications@mft.nhs.uk
  • Informal enquiries should be made to the dita@mft.nhs.uk email in the first instance and will be passed on to the relevant DiTA team member

What is the selection process?

  • An assessment panel will review all the applications and make the final decision on projects to fund.

Read the full assessment and reporting details.

For further information, please contact:

  • Katherine Boylan, Operations Director, Diagnostics and Technology Accelerator, Tel: 0161 3065321