Image Analysis Using Customized Computer Software

Doctors are always looking for ways that they can improve the lives and health of their patients, including research studies. Below are details of a study currently looking for volunteers.  Please use the contact details at the end of the page for more information.


This research will study how novel computerised measures can give us useful clinical information about patients with retinal disease such as macular degeneration, diabetes and vein occlusions, inflammatory, genetic or degenerative disease. Various measures of computerised analysis of ocular images including colour images, angiographic images
and optical coherence tomography images have been devised.

What is the aim of the study?

We will investigate how these and other novel measures stemming from image analysis may combine to give useful, supplementary and novel information about the clinical state of the patient’s eye or relative efficacy of various treatment options. We will also develop bespoke image analysis software to be used in this research project.

How can I get involved?

Please contact Iain McLean at the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital for more information.