Retina – surgical/laser interventions

Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) undergoes research into the development and introduction into clinical care of medical devices – both diagnostic and therapeutic, as well as new surgical techniques and therapies.

Professor Paulo Stanga is a developer, early adopter and introducer of new technology and therapies. Through this work MREH is able to offer new which lead to better patient care and cost savings.

Professor Stanga has also set up an independent Clinical Research Fellowship Program at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Manchester Vision Regeneration Lab at the MREH and NIHR / Wellcome Trust Manchester Clinical Research Facility. The MVR Lab research team focuses on developing research and treatment stategies in Medical Retina and Vitreoretinal conditions using the most advanced diagnostic and treatment devices.

For information on research and clinical trials led by Professor Stanga, please contact us via or 0161 701 7691.