Retina – medical interventions

This is a very active area of research lead by Professor Paul Bishop. Major areas of research include age-related macular degeneration (AMD), retinal dystrophies (such as retinitis pigmentosa) and diabetic retinopathy.  Our research includes clinical trials, development of novel imaging techniques and translational research that it bringing new treatments for these conditions to the clinic.

Working with the Manchester Centre for Genomic Medicine we are developing genetic diagnosis for patients with retinal dystrophies and children with cataracts. We have strong links with the Centre for Ophthalmology and Vision Sciences at The University of Manchester and The Centre for Advanced Discovery & Experimental Therapeutic,s which is dedicated to drug discovery and development.  The presence of the Manchester Eye Bank at the Eye Hospital has allowed us to establish a National Tissue Repository which is held at the CMFT Biobank for the purposes of studying the pathogenesis of AMD.

Prof Tariq Aslam is the Research network lead for Greater Manchester and is based at CMFT, nurturing development of the research office to continue to expand and run cutting edge international trials. He has recently led projects including radiotherapy with Oraya for AMD and is involved applying technological advances to the field of ophthalmology including use of computers, software and electronics all developed in Manchester with support from prestigious NIHR funding.