Independent Prescribing Optometrists in Acute Ophthalmic Services

Doctors are always looking for ways that they can improve the lives and health of their patients, including research studies. Below are details of a study currently looking for volunteers.  Please use the contact details at the end of the page for more information.


This research focuses on the role of independent prescribing (IP) optometrist in the acute ophthalmic services of Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH).

The study will compare IP optometrists to consultant ophthalmologists in the ability to diagnose, manage and prescribe medication for patients accessing these services.

What is the aim of the study?

The study aims to identify ways in which patients can be assessed most efficiently within the clinic by measuring agreement in diagnosis and management between clinicians.

The aim of this research which is run at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital is to study how effective optometrists are at diagnosing and managing emergency eye problems.

The study involves comparing specially trained optometrists that are qualified to prescribe medication for the eye with eye doctors (ophthalmologists) ability to diagnose and manage emergency eye problems.

How can I get involved?

Please contact Emma Columbine, Clinical Trial Coordinator /+44(0) 161 276 3432 at the Royal Manchester Eye Hospital for more information.

The study will close to recruitment in March 2017