Chill out room and parents room

During the refurbishment of the children’s CRF, we created two peaceful spaces for older children, teenagers and their families to relax and enjoy.

The chill out room has soothing colours and lights, comfy seating including ‘bean bag’ style furniture and footrests.

It encompasses the exploratory and researching characteristics of the facility, based on drawings by children treated on the ward and pupils from local schools and colleges.

It includes top-of-the-range equipment including a flat-screen, wall-mounted TV and games consoles, following feedback from young patients.

Parents and Chill Out 2

The parents room is a place where parents and carers can go to take time away from the clinical setting of the ward whilst children enjoy the play or chill out rooms.

It features calming hues and the wall art depicts a summer orchard.  The room also includes comfortable ‘lazy boy’ seats so that parents can relax and unwind, as well as catering facilities (including fridge and microwave); a flat-screen, wall-mounted television, and small tables for refreshments.

Parents and Chill Out 3

Parents and Chill Out 1