Opportunities for involvement in research

Do you want to help shape our work?

We are looking for members of the public to work with us, using your experience as a patient/research participant to help shape the work of NIHR Manchester Clinical Research Facility (CRF). With your help we will work to understand and, where necessary, improve patient experience at the CRF, including:

  • Making sure that we produce information that is easy to understand by our patients
  • Embedding patient perspective within the our organisational structure
  • Ensuring that we communicate through the correct methods to our patients and the wider public

A key priority going forward for the CRF is to involve patients in study design and implementation. Patient involvement through advisory groups helps researchers consider the patient’s perspective and often has a positive impact on recruiting patients to a study.


Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement Strategy

Read our 2018 - 2022 strategy to find out how we are working to effectively engage and involve patients and members of the public as part of the CRF.

To learn more or to register your interest please email: vocal@mft.nhs.uk  or telephone: 0161 276 6614