Play room, roof top garden and multi-sensory room

A large, bright, spacious play room is available to children and young people of all ages and abilities, who are visiting our children’s clinical research facility throughout their visit.

The play room provides:

  • a creative corner
  • imaginary play area
  • multimedia corner
  • a quiet sensory area
  • books and music

We provide access to a large selection of toys and games which are age/stage appropriate for all our patients.

CCRF Colourful little people

Multi-sensory room and roof top garden

There is a multi-sensory room situated a short distance from the facility allowing patients to experience therapeutic play resources.  In addition to this, the hospital has a large outdoor play area situated on the roof of the building which offers a variety of bikes, scooters and outdoor activities meeting the needs of all our patients.  Access to the hospital’s multi-sensory room and outdoor roof garden can be obtained through our Play Specialist.

The play specialist focuses on providing developmental, therapeutic and specialised play techniques for all ages and diversities in an effort to fulfill emotional, social and developmental needs and help alleviate emotional trauma whilst in the hospital setting.

Play specialists are professionally trained to provide distraction, diversional or participation therapies with the child/young person undergoing painful or invasive procedures.  They also use preparation and distraction techniques, and provide post-procedural play, as appropriate.

Ava and Playroom


Roof garden 1

Roof top garden

Roof garden 2

Roof top garden

CCRF Sensory room 1

Multi-sensory room