Human Performance Laboratory

Designed to support and specialise in a range of human performance measures, the Human Performance Laboratory (HPL) is a core facility within the clinical research facility.

Research within the HPL is supported by the University of Salford’s School of Health Sciences, which in the last Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) 2008 was credited as having 80% of the School’s research ranked as being of “international quality”. The team offer expert advice in the design of study protocols requiring HPL measurements.

Patient on the ‘IN RESPOND’ research study taking place at the NIHR/WT Manchester clinical research facility

Equipment includes:

  • Gait analysis using a 10-camera Qualisys infra-red 3-Dimension motion analysis system, integrated with two in-dwelling Kistler force platforms. This provides synchronised kinematic and kinetic data during walking gait
  • Two Kistler force platforms which can be used to measure ground reaction forces during a variety of activities, including balance
  • COSMED Quark CPET for breath-by-breath online gas analysis during treadmill and cycle ergometer exercise testing e.g. a VO2 max test. This also has integrated 12-lead ECG and SpO2 monitoring
  • BOD POD for body composition assessment of adults and children. The BOD POD determines body composition via whole-body densitometry via air displacement plethysmography
  • ISOCOM Dynamometer for isokinetic and isometric testing using single joint and multi-joint attachments. Attachments for the knee, ankle and hip are available
  • Biodex SD balance system for whole body balance assessment and training
  • Radiometer TcPO2 measuring system
  • Space for examination and exercise interventions.

Further information

If you would like to arrange a visit to see the Facility and discuss what we could offer to your study, please contact our research studies team (+44 (0)161 906 7517).