Multi-professional placements

The clinical research facility (CRF) offers a placements scheme to students training at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (CMFT) and associated universities, in a range of professions related to clinical research. The duration of placements is flexible, and can be agreed depending on students’ requirements.

Placement aims

  • To provide a well-co-ordinated ‘research’ learning experience for students from a variety of backgrounds
  • To promote inter-professional learning
  • To enable students to combine research training with their professional training
  • To expose students to research in practice within a dedicated research facility and promote the application of research theory to practice
  • To provide access to research mentoring
  • To build and support a skilled workforce capable of advancing high quality research with the aim of maintaining and improving health within a knowledge-based, patient-centred health service.

Learning opportunities

  • Theoretical and practical hands-on training in clinical research
  • Exposure to a wide range of clinical research from a variety of disease areas:
    • Clinical Trials from Phase 1a to Phase 4
    • Medical Devices
    • Non-clinical Trials
    • Observational studies including disease progress and complications
  • Exposure to clinical research in rare conditions
  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP), research governance, study conduct and management in practice
  • Protocol review – scientific justification, safety of the participants, logistics for study specific procedures, Ethics checks, approvals, authorisations
  • Setting up a study – checking logistics for studies including study specific assessments, required training for investigators and sub-investigators, laboratory procedures, pharmacy requirements
  • Conduct of a study:
    • Development of clinical skills
    • Checking eligibility of participants
    • Reviewing medical records for eligibility
    • Carrying out study assessments including physical examinations
    • Neurological examinations
    • Psychiatric examinations
    • Study specific tasks or examinations
    • Reviewing ECGs, laboratory test results
    • Prescribing study treatments and follow the participants until discharge including re-prescribing treatment and evaluating the side effects of treatments
    • Making clinical judgments such withdrawals, concomitant and additional interventions/ treatments
    • Evaluating and reporting adverse events, serious adverse events, adverse reactions, expected and unexpected serious adverse reactions
  • Management of a study:
    • Responding all queries of monitors and auditors; medical or non-medical
    • Communicating the problems arise during the conduct of studies to sponsors, pharmaceutical companies or research organisations
    • Suggesting or reviewing amendments to the protocols or study procedures
  • Access to:
    • Research seminars
    • Interactive lectures
    • Discussion groups such as case studies
    • Weekly journal clubs to critically appraise published original articles.

Patient with nurse

Further information

If you would like further information about our multiprofessional placements scheme, please email: or telephone: 0161 906 7500 Please note we can only facilitate placements from MFT and associated universities.