Minor Procedure Suite

The Minor Procedure Suite is a clean environment for participants undergoing small operations.

Carrying out procedures within the suite

The Minor Procedure Suite can support a wide range of procedures under local anaesthetic. All procedures are performed in sterile conditions under the supervision of specialist staff. Examples include:

  • Biopsies with ultrasound if required
  • Minor plastic surgery techniques
  • Dermatological, ophthalmic, arthroscopic, and respiratory¬†procedures

We can offer a range of in-house equipment, including:

  • Air exchange system
  • Patient preparation room/ treatment room
  • Sterile supplies storage space with restricted access
  • Diathermy machine
  • Ceiling mounted operating light (x2)
  • Drug fridge and drug cupboard
  • Ceiling mounted oxygen and suction combi equipment
  • X-ray viewer
  • Resuscitation trolley
  • Dirty utility room

Further information

If you would like to arrange a visit to see the Facility and discuss what we could offer to your study, please contact our research studies team (+44 (0)161 906 7517).

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