BCAN-RAY: Breast Cancer – Risk Assessment in Young Women

A Case Control Study of women aged 30-39 to augment breast cancer risk prediction and assess acceptability and preference of a systematic risk prediction approach through primary care.

  • Hospital – Speciality: Wythenshawe Hospital – Breast Cancer
  • Study Type: Case Control study
  • Funder: Cancer Research UK, Alliance for Cancer Early Detection and The Christie Charitable Fund


Breast cancer (BC) is the most common cause of death in young women. Risk factors such as age at first pregnancy, mammographic density (MD) and genetic analyses can be used to identify older women more likely to develop breast cancer. However, these tools have not been adequately tested in young women without a BC family history. This study plans to refine these methods in a diverse population of women aged 30-39.

The main purpose of this study is to work out how strong a risk factor breast density is in younger women aged 30-39 years. In order to do this accurately the research needs to recruit 250 women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer when aged 30-39 years and 750 women aged 30-39 years who have not had a breast cancer diagnosis. The study will use the mammograms that the women with cancer had when they were diagnosed and compare the density readings to mammograms obtained from those without cancer that will be taken for the purposes of this study.

Participant Group

Cases: women diagnosed with BC when aged 30-39 years.

Controls: women without a diagnosis of BC currently aged 30-39 years.

Participant Approach

Controls: Researchers will ask primary care practices to identify women who are potentially eligible by age and other factors in their medical history. The invitation letter to the study will then be sent by primary care, so at this stage all is within the clinical care team and no data will have been provided to the study team.

Cases: will be approached by their clinical care team either face to face when attending for treatment or by letter and if they are being followed up after treatment.

Study open date and expected length

Opened: 31 January 2023

Expected end date: 31 May 2025

News Features


Pending – the study is currently active

Contact Details

Telephone number: 0161 291 4408

Email address: BCAN-RAY@mft.nhs.uk

  • IRAS number: 314658