Magtech: Costs and benefits of magtrace® in breast surgery.

Magtech: Cost effectiveness and benefits of magtrace® versus Technetium in sentinel node biopsy for breast cancer.

  • Hospital – Speciality: Wythenshawe Hospital – Breast Cancer
  • Study type: Interventional
  • Funder: Endomagnetics


Women with a small breast cancer require surgery to remove the cancer from their breast and also to remove a few lymph nodes from their armpit (sentinel node biopsy) at the same time to see whether the cancer has spread. These

women have an injection of a dye before their surgery which demonstrates the lymph nodes the surgeon needs to remove. This study aims to compare the cost-effectiveness of two commonly used types of dye for sentinel node biopsy – Magtrace and technetium. 50 patients will be randomized to have either Magtrace or Technetium. A research assistant will shadow these women in their visits to the hospital prior to surgery and work out the hospital costs

associated with each treatment. The second phase of the study is a questionnaire of patients and healthcare professionals, asking them what their preferences are in how this type of care is best delivered.

Participant group 

Breast cancer patients.

Participant approach

Patients who attend the Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Breast Service will be approached about participating in the study, before or after their clinic appointment.

Study open date and expected length

Opened: 30 May 2023

Expected end date: 31 July 2024


Pending – this study is still active.

Contact details

Telephone number:0161 291 4494

Email address:

  • IRAS number: 293053