The Listening Effort study

Listening effort and downstream effects due to hearing loss in children and young people

  • Hospital – Speciality: Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital – Paediatrics (Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Study type: Questionnaires
  • Funder: Cochlear Research and Development Limited


One of the paramount challenges to the clinical application of the concept of listening effort is the lack of consensus on how to measure the abstract notion. Many different measures have been suggested ranging from self-reported measures to physiological biomarkers. However, despite the number of proposed tools, the evidence to support one optimum measure is small. Correlational analysis between different measures often shows conditional and weak relationships between measures indicating they are capturing different dimensions of listening effort.

Therefore, future research should consider different approaches to measuring listening effort and one such way would be to focus on its results rather than the innate concept. This study explores the use of existing questionnaire-based outcome measurement instruments in the evaluation of listening effort and its associated consequences in children and young people (CYP), with and without hearing loss.

Participant group 

Paediatric patients who have had a cochlear implant or hearing aid fitting.

Participant approach

Subjects will be selected from a database (Auditbase) of paediatric patients who have undergone cochlear implant and/or hearing aid fitting at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital (RMCH). Potential participants will be sent an email with an invitation to sign up for the study.

Study open date and expected length

Opened: 5 May 2023

Expected end date: 5 February 2024


Pending – this study is still active.

Contact details

Telephone number: 0161 276 5606

Email address:

  • IRAS number: 314726