MFT CDSU Database

The Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust Clinical Data Science Unit Research Database

  • Hospital – Speciality: Across all MFT sites – Health Services Research
  • Study type: Database
  • Funder: Clinical Data Sciences Unit at MFT


Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust (MFT) launched a new patient record system in September 2022. This means that nearly all the records in MFT hospitals are now stored on linked computers. When patient records are stored like this, clinicians can use computers to gather, access and sort the information to look for patterns in the records. Using patient records this way can support medical research. It may help to discover better ways to care for people and to ensure everyone has equal access to healthcare. It may help to design new drug trials or help more people take part in research.

This project has created a research database which will be curated by the Clinical Data Science Unit (CDSU) and populated using the data available in MFT’s data warehouse. This coordinated approach will allow researchers to efficiently carry out data only studies at MFT whilst ensuring the highest standards of information governance. The database will be supported by a Data Trust Committee of patient and community volunteers who will have a say in how the data is used for research and innovation.

Strict safeguards ensure that data is used anonymously and we will respect any decisions that individuals have made to “opt out” of research via the NHS National Data Opt Out scheme.

Participant group 

The research population will be all patients and staff members about whom data has been recorded in MFT’s data warehouse and where the data is available via the CDSU research server.  

Study open date and expected length

Opened: 12 May 2023

Expected end date: 11 May 2028


Pending – this study is still active.

Contact details

Email address:

  • IRAS number: 324398