Shoulder pain in people with cystic fibrosis

  • Hospital – Speciality: Wythenshawe Hospital, Trauma & Orthopaedics
  • Study type: Observational


The shoulder pain in cystic fibrosis study aims to increase understanding of shoulder pain in this patient group. Shoulder pain is a common finding in people with cystic fibrosis, but there is currently a lack of literature on this topic. This observational study aims to gain an understanding of the most common clinical diagnoses of shoulder pain found in this cohort of patients and if there is any common relevant clinical history. 

Prevalence of shoulder pain in a 6-month period will also be recorded from those patients attending a cystic fibrosis annual review appointment at one cystic fibrosis centre. This is a non-invasive study consisting of a clinical examination and data collection. The study will be discussed with identified participants, participant information leaflet given, and patients given at least 24-hour before considering to be a part of the study.

Once consented participants will be offered an appointment to co-inside with other cystic fibrosis clinic appointments and will undergoing an interview to take the history of their shoulder complaint and undergo a physical examination.

Demographic data will also be collected from medical notes on cystic fibrosis genotype, age, sex, whether they are diabetic and if so, what their recent diabetic control has been. They will also be asked to complete relevant shoulder questionnaires such as the disability arm, shoulder and hand (DASH), oxford shoulder score and a quality-of-life score (EQ-5D-5L).

Participant group 

Cystic fibrosis patients

Participant approach

Patients will be identified by the cystic fibrosis team when patients attend their clinic appointments or identified if they have been referred to musculoskeletal physiotherapy service or if patients discuss shoulder pain with their clinical team. Posters advertising the study will be put up in clinic rooms. 

Study open date and expected length

Opened: 26 April 2024

Expected end date: August 2024


Pending – this study is still active

Contact details

Telephone number: 0161 291 2178

Email address: mft.cfphysiotherapyteam@nhs.net

  • IRAS number: 339950