Clinical research studies

We currently support a number of clinical research studies, including:


  • New methods of obtaining excess fluid removal in chronic kidney patients
  • The effect of the latest medication for polycystic kidney patients
  • Ace inhibitors in renal patients
  • Bicarbonate medication use in renal patients
  • New medication for Vasculitis patients


  • Cardiovascular calcification in haemodialysis patients
  • Comparison of the effect of high dose with low dose iron for dialysis patients
  • Feasibility and effect of alternative dialysis schedules
  • The impact that self care has in the dialysis experience
  • If cognitive function plays a part in learning self care

Renal transplant

  • New medication in treating CMV infection in transplant patients
  • Screening programme for the presence of HLA antibodies
  • Kidney Transplant Advagraf Conversion Registry

For more information about these studies and other research please contact Senior Clinical Research Nurse or 0161 276 4325.