Sexual health

The Northern Contraception, Sexual Health & HIV Service provides sexual health services to over 10,000 patients and has developed international recognition for sexual health, HIV and genitourinary medicine (GUM) research.

We currently have a wide range of NIHR portfolio adopted commercial and non-commercial studies covering research across a variety of HIV and GUM conditions including:

  • Gonorrhoea
  • HPV
  • New treatments and access to treatment for patients with HIV

We also conduct research in genetic testing studies as well as non-interventional observation studies (questionnaires and surveys). As part of our continuing growth in research, we are making important links with other research active departments, such as the Palatine CASH centre for research into contraception, and the GP practices for HIV and GUM patients in the community. Locally, we have a team of research-active clinicians, health advisors, research nurses, a research lead, clinical trials coordinator and clinical trial assistant who work together to facilitate set up and delivery of research. The Northern has successfully recruited to time and target in over 98% of our studies. We consistently set up and deliver on targets.