Manchester Vascular Centre

Manchester Vascular Centre has a rapidly expanding research portfolio comprising both commercial and academic studies.

Currently open to recruitment are various trials that offer to give our patients the opportunity of novel treatments in addition to their standard care. Eligible patients are invited to participate in exciting trials such as RECELL, where we use a new skin grafting technique in patients with diabetic foot ulcers. We also look at promising new medicines, for example, the VOYAGER study, that aims to find out whether Rivaroxaban can help patients who have just undergone an operation on the blood vessels in their legs. The consultants at the Manchester Vascular Centre head up research projects aligned to their sub-speciality interest:

  • Mr Vince Smyth: Carotid artery research
  • Professor Ferdinand Serracino-Inglott and Mr David Murray: Aneurysm research
  • Mr Tawqeer Rashid, Mr Frank Bowling and Mr Naseer Ahmad: Lower limb and diabetic foot research
  • Mr Naseer Ahmad: Epidemiology, service provision and health inequalities surrounding lower limb amputations

Previous studies that we have run successfully from Manchester Vascular Centre have looked at the safety and quality of different stents for patients with aneurysms. This helps us to provide quality data to medical device companies so that we can offer better treatments to patients in the future. We also have research projects that are delivered in partnership with the University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University. Manchester Vascular Centre’s current research portfolio covers the following:

  • Abdominal aneurysms
  • Thoracic aneurysms
  • Peripheral artery disease
  • Severe limb ischemia
  • Narrowing of the carotid arteries
  • Diabetic foot ulcers


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Bradley Tallon, Senior Clinical Trials Coordinator talks about the range of research taking place at the Manchester Vascular Centre in his blog What Research Can I Access at Manchester Vascular Centre?